Adult mood and brain health


In the past, health disorders have been separated into ‘physical’ or ‘mental’ health categories - but did you know that this distinction is not consistent with recent scientific advances? In fact, both brain and body are influenced by gene heritage, biochemistry, health and family history, nutrition, toxic exposures, lifestyle and immune burden. This is hardly surprising when we consider that every brain function or activity depends on highly specialised forms of nutrients. 

At the Nutrigenomic Medicine Centre we use Advanced Nutrient Therapy together with gene variation analysis to promote excellent mental and neurological health. Our precise, evidence-based approach is tailored to the unique biochemistry of an individual.  Advanced Nutrient Therapy has been pioneered by Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Research InstituteDr Walsh's inspirational research into the chemical imbalances underlying mental health impairments has led to lasting improvements in the quality of life of thousands of individuals facing mental and neurological health challenges and we are a certified provider of Dr Walsh's therapies. 

We highly recommend Dr Walsh's book 'Nutrient Power'.  Explore the benefits of precise supplemental nutrient plans, the decades of research and huge database of evidence underlying the Advanced Nutrient Therapy approach, and how these natural evidence based solutions could benefit you.

To understand mental health challenges, we need to recognise that the brain is a chemical factory producing brain chemicals 24 hours a day. And....

The raw material for these chemicals is nutrients.

Who are you, nutritionally?

The answer to this question is important for all, but may be especially critical for persons with mental health problems.  

William Walsh