Complex conditions

"We’ve been taught that health management is just a matter of taking medication and then following medical advice, but it's far more complex"

"To achieve health we need to understand all the factors that create a perfect storm, and then address them so that the storm clouds fade away"

In a perfect world we would all be born healthy and live long and healthy lives.  But, that's simply not the case. Some people are more vulnerable to illness and disease, due to their genetic inheritance. Equally, the things we've been exposed to in our diet and environment before and after birth can lead to disease and distress due to epigenetic effects.  And despite centuries of scientific advances, we seem to be facing an ever increasing number of chronic health challenges.

Our aim is to apply the latest evidence from Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Psychology and Medicine, to identify each individual's unique health needs and to solve health challenges. We use gene tests to explore genetic vulnerabilities that contribute to illness and distress. Laboratory tests are used to assess biochemical imbalances, impaired metabolic pathways and problems with the microbiome. We also consider health and family history, medication use, toxic exposures, diet and lifestyle preferences and priorities. By integrating all these elements we're able to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique intrinsic health needs and to develop  'one of a kind' plans to address individual health challenges. 

Our health plans are:

  • tailored to individual genetics, microbiome and biochemistry
  • drug free
  • designed to be compatible with existing medical treatment
  • developed to suit personal goals and priorities

We're here for you. We understand that finding relief from symptoms and experiencing increased vitality is a great motivation to pursue even better health. And you can rely on our encouragement and ongoing support to help you reach your best possible quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis


Cognitive Decline


Traumatic Brain Injury


Chronic Fatigue / ME

Celiac Disease


Ulcerative Colitis

Mast Cell disorders / Histamine intolerance




Diabetes / Recurrent hypoglycemia

Metabolic Syndrome

Cardiovascular Disorders

Chronic Pain

Thyroid / Endocrine conditions

Asthma / Eczema / Allergy

Recurrent / Stealth infections