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The nutrigenomic approach focuses on the individual. Every one of us is unique and each person and family will face a different set of health challenges.

At Nutrigenomic Medicine, we go beyond symptoms, conditions and labels. We apply the latest evidence from Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Psychology and Medicine to resolve complex health challenges. Whatever your individual health needs or medical condition, the steps we follow are designed to bring lasting change and the best possible quality of life. Your first consultation is the starting point.

new client consultation

Prior to the consultation we ask you to complete a detailed medical, health and well-being assessment.

During the consultation we spend time together exploring your symptoms and health challenges, family and medical history, medication use, toxic exposures, lifestyle preferences and goals for the future. We provide initial recommendations and suggest the most effective testing and consultation package options, given your specific needs and circumstances.

Decisions on how best to work together and move forward are taken after the consultation, when you have had time to review test and package options. A brief follow on call is included in the New Client Consultation process to finalise your choice of tests and package.


A vast and growing body of scientific research links genetic variations and biochemical imbalances to specific physical and mental health conditions. We can only use this research reliably to help you when we have a precise understanding of your bio individuality. The key to this understanding is testing and biochemical, genomic, neuro-cognitive and microbiome tests are the essential tools that help us precisely assess your bio-individuality.

After your first consultation, we provide a list of potential tests ranked in terms of priority. We match your needs with the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective tests. For those whose health challenges are more minor, minimal testing is required to formulate an effective health plan. However, if your health needs or medical conditions are more complex or rare, more significant test evidence will be needed to help us optimise your care.

We recognise that

  • although our minds and bodies are exquisitely sophisticated, they do not come with instruction manuals or fault detection programs. Testing helps us focus on the most significant causes for illness and can mean the difference between failure and success when healing from disease and distress.
  • analysing test results is both a science and an art. You are more than a number on a lab report and when we piece together your test results with life history, symptoms and signs, we have the best possible information to guide recovery and well-being.


This appointment is focused on explaining your results and your recovery plan. We’ll help you understand your intrinsic health profile and needs, and define the steps to better health based on your bio-individuality. There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Our individualised health plans are drug-free and are designed to be compatible with any prescribed medication. Based on your unique genetic and biochemical ‘fingerprint’ we provide information to help you match nutrients, lifestyle and health care options to move towards your health goals.  

Rather than just provide a set of instructions, our focus is to also provide the tools and education that will enable you to understand the causes of health challenges and make informed decisions about your health and well-being.


We offer a range of care packages to meet individual needs. These include short packages and an annual care plan which can be purchased before or after the first consultation.

All care packages include 

  • Consultations
  • Support
  • Test guidance and interpretation
  • Nutrient protocols
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Client-specific research

When the initial care plan ends there are options to renew, to move to a different care plan or to schedule occasional appointments to suit changing life and health circumstances. 

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