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The nutrigenomic approach focuses on the individual. Every one of us is unique and each person and  family faces a different set of health challenges.

At the Nutrigenomic Medicine Centre, we make use of the most recent advances in genetics, medicine and biochemistry to resolve these health challenges - wherever possible - and to promote lasting quality of life. Our purpose is to help you improve your health and well-being so that you can live life to the full. We’ll help you understand your intrinsic health profile and needs, and we’ll define the steps to better health based on that profile.

You may have noticed that we offer our services to people with both physical and mental health impairments, and to young and old alike. The true value of our service is that we go beyond symptoms, conditions and labels, to find and address the underlying range of things that have contributed to each individual's illness, disease or developmental difference.  

There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Our individualised health plans are drug-free, and are designed to be compatible with your prescribed medication regimen. Based on your own unique genetic and biochemical ‘fingerprint’ we provide information to help you match nutrients, lifestyle and health care options to move towards your health goals.  

New client consultation

Our services begin with a New Client Consultation where you’ll learn more about Nutrigenomic Medicine and how it can help you. We’ll explore your symptoms and health challenges, medical history, concerns, preferences and goals, and provide initial advice based on your unique situation. We’ll recommend specific tests, discuss how best to work together and schedule next steps. 

Whatever your individual health needs or medical condition, the steps we recommend are designed to help relieve symptoms and promote sustainable well-being. After your consultation you'll be free to choose from a range of services and ongoing support designed to help you reach your health goals and have the best possible quality of life. 

foundation service

Many clients choose to book our comprehensive 'Foundation Service'.  This is the most cost effective way to use our services and covers the first year, including consultations, information and support, diet analysis, supplement and lifestyle protocols. 

A genetic test is included in the Foundation Package and provides key evidence to help formulate an optimal, truly individualised plan. 

Biochemical and/or microbiome  tests may also be needed to help us precisely assess individual health impairments. This depends very much on individual circumstances - for those whose health challenges are more minor, there may be little or no testing required to formulate an effective health plan, but if health needs or medical conditions are more complex or rare, then testing will be of vital importance to help us determine the unique combination of elements involved for that individual. If this applies to you or your child, we will explain the options and how these would be of benefit, and decide together how best to proceed

We call this our ‘Foundation Service’ because it is designed to lay the foundation for sound health and well-being. The Foundation Service is not a ‘quick fix’ programme based on short term goals, but a personalised, achievable solution to promote quality of life. For more information about the Foundation Service, please contact reception.


follow on consultation

For those clients who are not using the Foundation Service, all consultations, analysis, research and reporting time are provided at our standard hourly rate.  Whichever way you choose to work with us, we will be  pleased to assist you in your search for health and lasting quality of life.