" I have a very different life now, with lots of hope..."

"I am no longer in pain, not requiring a carer any more and able to lead a normal life with a job."  

At the age of 32 my life suddenly changed as I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.  Looking back, now I realise it was not so sudden as the disease was slowly creeping upon me until one day I was crippled with pain in my whole body.  The illness created a whole host of other ailments too, such as depression, anxiety and fatigue.

I reached the point where I had to have a carer to assist me with the basic every day activities and childcare. I tried conventional medicine, however I was told there was no cure. My body was struggling to cope with the medication so I decided to seek help and advice from someone who would not only concentrate on the symptoms but would find the very root of the problem.

I turned to Dr B for help and I was very impressed with her warm, friendly but most professional approach to my health challenges.  She left no stone unturned to find the source of my problems and in the meantime her advice put my life on the right track to recovery.

Dr B's knowledge and expertise reaches far beyond just nutritional advice. She does explain her findings and the solutions in such manner that the patient feels fully satisfied and eager to start her recommendations. The changes that she gave me were not hard to make and although I still have some way to go to complete recovery I am no longer in pain, not requiring a carer any more and able to lead a normal life with a job.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes to turn their health to the better as her willingness to help is second to none"

"I felt you understood me and really took an interest in me as a person and my recovery"

I experienced 'foggy brain' where I suffered lack of concentration and focus which left me in-confident, agitated, depressed and anxious. I have had this condition since as far as I can remember. It was very up and down for me and my family. Depression and Anxiety would take over my life and I almost could not be helped.

I have had years of counselling and I have taken anti-depressants for 20 years which did not seem to solve my problem entirely. In the short term it would help me, but not in the medium to long term.

I learned that food intake and natural supplements matter a great deal to how my brain reacts and started my road to recovery. It was relatively easy for me to follow the recommendations as I was keen to change given the situation I was in.

Life is much better now for me and my family. I don't have the mood swings that used to come as a direct result of my condition explained above. In the past, I was never looking forward to the future. I seemed to have no hope and had no plans.

Now I am far more positive and I feel that I have the ability to plan and look forward to things - I have a very different life now with lots of hope and positiveness. My confidence is like it never has been before. The service that I received was second to none and I felt you understood me and really took interest in me as a person and my recovery"